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Shannon Denton is a Total Girl Boss

Shannon Denton is currently a fourth-year student at San Francisco State University who is passionate about digital marketing and Asian American studies. She has experience working with nonprofit organizations and is committed to her site

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Aubrey Stark Miller & Structures of Self: Unpacking Ourselves From The Outside In.

Aubrey Stark-Miller is the creator and founder of Structures of Self, an educational service that provides information and guidance in environmental wellness. She is also the creator and facilitator of Subjective Sobriety, a womxn’s sobriety group in Austin, TX that implements tools to develop purpose and goals for womxn who have removed alcohol from their lives in order to thrive.

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Izzy has been kidnapped, lived on the streets and been a minister all before the age of 25. Now he is consistently voted one of Austin’s Best Personal Trainers with a massive online following and the mentality and energy to match. His mission is to help people move, think and feel how they ought to: intentionally and optimally. On a larger scale, he strives to reform the current state of the fitness and health industry and helps propel social justice in today's world.

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