Becoming A Polymath

Ranjit didn’t know what his calling was until he drowned out the noise and began focusing on what he found interesting. A few months later, Polymath was born. Learn about the core motivations of the eclectic founder.


City: San Jose, California

Favorite Quote: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Tell us about Polymath. What about it is meaningful to you? 

Ranjit Marathay: I’ve been interdisciplinary for a long time. In middle and high school, people would ask me what my favorite subject was and I frankly could not decide - each was both an art and a science. I couldn’t figure out who or what I was for the longest time because I didn’t fit any mold - I was formless in my sphere of reference. After engrossing myself in an introverted lifestyle, I made time for myself and did the due diligence to figure out who I was. Polymath is meaningful to me because it is fundamentally my self-actualization story. 


What are your main promotion channels, how do you creatively market yourself?

Ranjit Marathay: As of now, I promote Polymath through Instagram and word of mouth. Since just recently, it has just been me working on it so a lot of things were just unfeasible to do. I am excited to create more blog posts, podcasts, videos and photos this month with the help of the extensive network I have developed over the past year.


What is one tip you have for creatives just starting out? Go specific.

Ranjit Marathay: Create things that you are interested in consuming. If you think it is cool, chances are others will too. It is so important to do everything with passion - it shows up in ways you would not even imagine.


What’s a skill you excel at that most others do not? How do you do it?

Ranjit Marathay: I have a natural inclination towards strategy. I love orchestration, building systems, policies and processes - something about it really makes me tick. I think it has to do with my attention to detail and my big picture, macro thinking. My advice to everyone, is ignore everyone and focus on what you have a natural inclination for - if you don’t know what that is, have an open mind and try everything, until you find it. Explore and exploit.


If you could only read 3 books for the rest of time, what would they be?

Ranjit Marathay: The Laws of Human Nature, The Tipping Point and Zero to One. The two things I like about these books are the overarching trends that are discussed, I love charts, trends, and behavioral economics. One thing that doesn’t come naturally to me is behavioral psychology, so I took it upon myself to learn it. The combination of studying trends and studying behavioral psychology, has helped me open my eyes to the world at the macro level. It's really fascinating to me.


What is your vision in a couple years? What’s the ultimate dream?

Ranjit Marathay: Fundamentally, I want to use my gifts to increase the efficacy of people’s lives around the world. One aspect that I find particularly interesting is transportation because of how orchestrate-able it is. I want to help create a global transportation system. In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind starting a number of companies and giving unprecedented amounts of value to my customers, friends and community.

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