Coach Corey - Launching a Company & Changing Lives, All in Memory of His Father

Corey has one true passion - coaching & developing people. Whether he expresses that passion through fitness, entrepreneurship, or content creation… The common denominator is coaching. That’s why he quit Corporate America & launched Claw Athletics, because he wanted that passion to become his life’s mission…and because he wanted freedom. More on that later.  


City where you’re from: Sugar Land, Texas

Favorite quote:  “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant, that’s how we’re on it.” - Jay Z 

Social accounts:






Tell us about Claw Athletics. What about it is meaningful to you? 

Corey Lawson: We launched Claw Athletics to connect Millennials through Fitness. I realized that our generation is more connected than ever, yet we’re lonelier than ever. We “like” each other’s Instagram posts… but we don’t know each other, you know? I wanted to change that. 

For two years we’ve hosted weekly bootcamps & monthly social events in the city. We’ve helped people transform their health (via 1on1 & group coaching). We’ve introduced Millenials to their future travel buddies & intramural sports teammates. And in the background, we’ve “tricked” people into loving exercise for the first time in years.  

And that’s the point. When you love the atmosphere, love the workout, and love your teammates… you keep showing up. And you keep seeing results.  

Why did you name the company Claw Athletics? 

Corey Lawson: My father (Calvin Lawson) died of Cardiomyopathy when I was 7 years old. He’s my inspiration. He’s the type of man & father that I strive to become. So when it was time to pick a company name… it had to involve him somehow. Because everything that I create or accomplish is simply an effort to continue his legacy. He lives through me. 

Teach us something we don’t know about strength training. 

Corey Lawson: In fitness, people often view Aesthetics & Functionality as polar opposite goals. The (false) belief is you can train for functionality or you can train for looks, but you can’t train for both. 

But here’s the good news - functionality actually helps you achieve your aesthetic goals. Let’s take your Glutes for example. 

We know the Gluteus Maximus has a primary function of hip extension. 

What does this mean? It means your glutes will benefit from… you guessed it - hip extension. 

Which sounds great… unless your hip is displaying dysfunction and can’t achieve full hip extension. An example of this would be Anterior Pelvic Tilt: 

In this example, the person with APT can do a million squats, but they’ll never maximize their Glute development until they fix their hip functionality. 

And while we discussed Glutes today… the truth is, this logic applies to every muscle group.

1). Pick the muscle you care about. 

2). Identify its primary function(s). 

3). Improve functionality in the surrounding joints, thereby allowing that muscle to fully perform its function. 


What are your main promotion channels, how do you creatively market yourself?

Corey Lawson: The typical answers (IG, LinkedIn, etc.) all apply… but my secret sauce has always been bars & parks. Most guys visit bars to meet women. And hey, I do that too. But it’s not unusual for me to have a few beers on West 6th, and end the night with 4 bootcamp leads, 1 online coaching lead, and 3 instagram contacts. 

We know that social media is (by definition) over-saturated. But you know what isn’t over-saturated? Meeting people in person & having conversations. That’ll never go out of style.

What’s a skill you excel at that most others do not? How do you do it?

Corey Lawson: My greatest life skill is Coaching. Whether it’s fitness or business or anything else, I excel at helping others maximize their potential. 

For me, coaching is about three things - Connecting, Teaching, and Pushing. 

Connecting: This is the prerequisite. If I don’t have a relationship with the person I’m coaching, then nothing else matters. They’ll only internalize my coaching if love & trust exists between us. In practical terms, this means that I learn about the human before I learn about our goals.

Teaching: With every call or interaction, I strive to offer value. I want the client to learn something, because knowledge lasts forever. In the context of fitness, I want my clients to be more knowledgeable than most coaches. Because if we can achieve THAT, then I know they’ll make smart decisions when I’m not around.

Pushing: The human condition is not to be excellent; it’s to survive. My job as a coach is to push for excellence. But it starts with the aforementioned connection & trust. Because if I truly understand the client & they truly trust me, then I can always circle back to THEIR aspirations and give them a (loving) push towards excellence. But most coaches get stuck here. They fear pushing people, because the act of pushing can be uncomfortable. But in the end, if you TRULY love the other person, then isn’t discomfort a small price to pay for excellence? So maybe I’ll ask a challenging question. Maybe I’ll acknowledge the inconsistency between your words & your actions. Maybe I’ll ask you to show up on your worst day. But if it leads to YOU achieving YOUR aspirations… then I say it’s worth it. 

If you could only read 3 books for the rest of time, what would they be?

Corey Lawson: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, The Alchemist Paulo Coelho, and The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. 

I read the 7 Habits during college, and it changed my life. It changed my habits, and more importantly, it changed how I viewed the world. I learned to be proactive, I learned to manage my time, I learned to build meaningful relationships, I learned to identify my own definition of success, etc. That book was my Bible, and it’s the only book that I’ve read 8 times. 

On a lighter note, The Alchemist is a book for dreamers. If there’s any book that initially sparked my interest in entrepreneurship, it’s this one. And while it’s not an entrepreneurial book, it is a book which contrasts the journeys of following your heart vs. following what society says you “should” do. 

And finally, The ONE Thing keeps me hyper-focused on the most important task at hand. It revolves around the focusing question - “What is the ONE Thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?” 

If you’re an entrepreneur, read that last sentence twice.  

What is one tip you have for creatives just starting out? Go specific.

Corey Lawson: Automate your posting schedules. Use apps like Buffer or Plann, that way you can make (weeks of) content in bulk, then tell an app when to post your content in the future. 

… now that we’ve gone Specific, let’s zoom out & go General - stop overthinking your content. It’ll never be “perfect”, you’ll always think it should be better.. But PUT IT OUT. The best way to make better content…. Is to MAKE CONTENT, and receive feedback. As you release more & more content, you’ll naturally improve over time. So think less, and post more. Or in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson.. “Do the thing, and you will have the power.” 

Where is your vision going in a couple years? What’s the ultimate dream?

Corey Lawson: Let’s not talk “couple years”, that’s boring. Let’s jump straight to the ultimate dream. For me, I want five things in life:

1). Freedom to live life on my terms. 

2). The ability to not sweat over finances.

3). A wife that I’m inspired by & deeply in love with. (hoping not to meet her until 2028)

4). A legacy & impact which extends beyond my death.

5). A positive impact on the next generation(s).  

That’s what I want. And you know what that means? 

I’ve got some work to do.. In these next “couple years”.

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