Let’s Get Waisted ~ Thrift Flipping

Cassie Aramil is a native ATX gal who is passionate about expressing her creativity through clothing. Specifically, transforming something old and forgotten into something stylish. All the while saving both the environment and that hard earned cash money through thrift flipping.


City: Round Rock, TX

Favorite Quote: “Good things fall apart so better things fall together”

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Tell us about Thrift flipping. What about it is meaningful to you?

Cassie Aramil: Thrift flipping has always been a passion of mine: using my creativity to turn the items I found into something trendy. “Let’s Get Waisted” was a small side business that I started the summer of my freshman year as a broke college kid who simply needed some extra cash. High-waisted jeans/shorts were gaining popularity at this time and I had gathered many pieces throughout my years of thrifting so I thought, “why not make money selling these?!”

The best thing about thrifting is being able to find such inexpensive unique pieces of clothing that could’ve once been someone’s go-to item to wear that now are probably no longer being manufactured.

I truly believe in recycling clothes and transforming something old and no longer seen as fashion-forward into something we can wear and enjoy, without having to waste any material. 


What are your main promotion channels, how do you creatively market yourself?

Cassie Aramil: Mostly Instagram, word of mouth and requests through friends. Although I don’t sell shorts/jeans anymore, I still actively thrift flip for my own wardrobe and gifts.


What is one tip you have for creatives just starting out? Go specific.

Cassie Aramil: Start small. Find out what inspires you. Put passion in your work. Visualize what you want your end product to look like. Experiment. Fail, and try again. You’ll never truly find out what you’re good at unless you dabble in a variety of things, and learn from your mistakes. In my case, with making shorts, I would play around with different materials, bleach, de-stressing in different areas, adding lace, studs, etc


What’s a skill you excel at that most others do not? How do you do it?

Cassie Aramil: Sewing!!! I can’t thank my grandma enough for teaching me how to sew at such a young age. It’s such a useful skill. One of my favorite memories is when my grandma would take me to the fabric store to pick out pretty materials to use for her to teach me how to make dresses.


What made you want to start thrift flipping?

Cassie Aramil: If you know me, you know I love shopping, I might even have a slight addiction :) but I also LOVE to save money. Whenever I would shop, I would find great pairs of jeans for way too much money. I would think to myself, “wow I could make these and I can make them even better.” I started teaching myself through youtube videos on how to distress jeans and soon enough, it became a hobby.


If you could only read 1 book for the rest of time, what would it be?

Cassie Aramil: The Power of Habit. Such a good read :)

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