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Suril Patel is a commercial & portrait photographer based out of Austin, Texas. Suril’s work is distinguished by the nostalgic & vibrant tones his photographs convey with the use of digital and film cameras.


City: San Antonio, Texas

Favorite Quote: "The secret to living and loving: everything must be experienced & explored on all levels and every experience fully immersed. "

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Tell us about Suril Photography, what about it is meaningful to you? 

Suril Patel: Suril Photography started about 2 years ago when I was invited to showcase and sell my photos, for the first time, at an art show in Austin. After the art show, I slowly began picking up clients & to this day I am still growing a network of individual and commercial clients. I’ve put everything into my photography, and it is so meaningful because I can truly say that it has completely elevated my life to higher levels in so many different aspects. 


What are you main promotion channels, how do you creatively market yourself?

Suril Patel: I use Instagram as my main source of connecting with clients & also emailing potential clients. But my website allows clients to email Suril Photography directly. Creative ways I market myself might be by using certain photography iPhone apps where I can create unique ads & flyers. I also ensure my Instagram stories are made with the highest quality content and artwork to draw in more engagement. High quality content, to me, is the key player in marketing your brand. 


What is one tip you have for creatives just starting out? Go specific.

Suril Patel: I’d say go out & practice your creative outlet everyday and you’ll learn to create your own style in whatever your outlet may be. When I first got interested in photography I would edit photos, on Adobe Lightroom, for 8-10 hours at a time practicing different editing styles in order to master my own.  


Teach us something we don’t know.

Suril Patel: I believe two main things will help direct your growth in any creative outlet: persistence & vision. Fully immersing yourself into your craft will guide you to mastering it and being able to share that knowledge and skill to others. Having a vision or goal will teach you patience and guide you to mastery when you truly put every part of yourself and authenticity into everything you touch. 


What’s a skill you excel at that most others do not? How do you do it?

Suril Patel: I think my ability to be organized and detail oriented helps me maintain a productive workflow & allows me to complete more tasks. I’ve adapted to more productive work habits lately that help keep me on the path to my daily, weekly, & monthly goals that I track in a journal. 


If you could only read 3 books for the rest of time, what would they be?

Suril Patel: This is a tough one. I’d say they’d have to be Celestine Prophecy, Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, & The Laws of Spirit


What would you be doing right now if finances and time weren’t preventing setbacks?

Suril Patel: I would have multiple homes throughout the world so I can country hop & adventure full time!


Where is your vision going in a couple years? What’s the ultimate dream?

Suril Patel: My vision is going towards financial & time freedom. The ultimate dream is to be able to spend the majority of my time with my family and travel the world with them and create beautiful art along the way.

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